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Struggling To Hear What Someone Has Said

https://i0.wp.com/www.jeffthomascobb.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/listen_000001026615XSmall.jpgMnaxr kalmp pahstrick!

I’m sorry, I didn’t quite hear you?

I said, philaltr cuhluhmnp bahtweck!

Errr…one more time?

UGH. I said fanri malhalus txiwis!

Still not getting it, sorry.


The only appropriate thing to do at this point is smile and nod.

Even though they just said “You ran over a small child”.

Let Struggling To Hear What Someone Has Said Die

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“Can I Ask A Question?”

Why, yes, apparently you can. You just did. (And no, you don’t get another one.)

Sure, this unnecessary step in attention-getting is only a trivial annoyance, but when compounded with verbal ticks, improper grammar, multiple agreements, filler words, and other spoken miscues, it’s not too tough to see that there’s a lot of time being wasted with incessant vocal habits.

So knock it off, and save us all some time, will ya?

Let “Can I Ask A Question?” Die

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Your Likeliness to Butt In

“So, you guys know how I went on that philanthropy trip last week? Well, as it turns out, one of the natives I helped has decided-“

“Natives? Were they original natives or natives like Americans are natives?”

“They inhabited the land originally, yes, not sure why that matters. Anyway, he decided that-“

“He’d buy you a yacht?”

“No, just let me finish. He-“

“I remember when I bought my first yacht.”

“I’m not talking about yachts, I’m trying to talk about how a man I was generous to was generous back to m-“






“Ha ha ha ha!”

“Oo, saucy! Ha ha!

“Wait…hey, stop laughing, please…I just wanted to tell a story…”

When you talk in the middle of what I am saying, try to talk over me, or steal the conversation from me disrespectfully, I tend to hate you. Hate is not too strong of a word choice, either. Dialogue between people is a refreshing thing, but when you find a way to even mess that up, I find that you just need to get off this mortal coil.

Your Likeliness to Butt In Needs To GAY …Die.

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Long, Awkward Silences

“Hey, it’s so nice to finally meet you! It’s been a blast seeing Jane on and off in undisclosed locations for the past three weeks. I’m glad she’s given me the chance to meet you guys, her grandparents.”
“…Her name’s Jill. And she’s our daughter.



















“Could you pass th-“
“Get out.”

Let Long, Awkward Silences Die

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Multiple Word Pronunciations

(Special Thanks to Nick C. for this idea.)

Many languages, throughout the course of history, have been spoken between humans as the primary means of communication. All these languages are thought to have been born from a “mother language”, although when comparing languages spoken today, it certainly may not seem like it.

For today’s post, however, I’ll be sticking with the English language, and the nuances that lie in speaking it.

A primary reason for confusion one may have in speaking words is due to dialect. Take the word “chowder”, for instance – someone in Boston may pronounce it ‘chow-dah’, whereas someone from the deep south may pronounce it “chow-duh”, and still others will pronounce it “chow-dur”.

With the basic idea in mind, here are a few other examples:

  • Data Is it “Day-tuh” or “Dah-tuh”? Or is it something else? (Also applies to the pronunciation SATA, for you computer literate out there.)
  • Either – “E-thur” or “I-ther”? But, due to the wide recognition, either (heh) pronunciation is acceptable.
  • Tomato/Potato[Cliché Ahead] – I say “toe-may-toe”, you say “toe-mah-toe”, I say “poe-tay-toe”, you say “poe-tah-toe”, let’s call delivery instead!
  • Uranus It’s always good when one gets a chance to be infantile when regarding a celestial body. As such, the more giggle-inducing “Your-anus” is more popular than the better “Urine-us”.

http://astroyogisays.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/uranus.jpgThese are just a few examples, of course. I know there are still other differences, such as Britain’s funny way of adding extra u’s to words (colour, humour, etc). Though these differences I’ve listed are minute, I’m picking on the dialect in which the words are spoken in.

You may be thinking, “Well a person can’t help that! You’ll just have to try harder to understand them.”

And if you are thinking that, I invite you to recall your last conversation with a thickly-accented, overseas technical support person. Ah, memories.

Let Multiple Word Pronunciations Die

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Being Overly Superlative

This is the funniest thing you will read today! No, I mean it! Honest. I’m not gonna lie.

Anyway, you know people that do this? Maybe it’s a friend or coworker, and they come up to you and say “I’ve had the best/worst/funniest/weirdest/crappiest day ever.” and then proceeds to talk your ear off about it?

Well, I’ve got a problem with this. You can’t consistently be having the most [adjective] [noun] ever every day. That YouTube video of the monkey smoking? Sure, it’s chuckle-worthy, maybe. But unless you lead a very dull life, it’s not the best clip ever to roam the Internet.

Use some better words, people. I know our culture is dominated by “bigger, better, more, most” and the like, but, not everything can fit the bill.

See? The absolute funniest thing you’ve seen, right? Now, try and remember it 3 hours from now. Then, you’ll understand what I mean.

Let Being Overly Superlative Die


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I’m Not Gonna Lie

https://i1.wp.com/blogs.nature.com/news/thegreatbeyond/bears%20car.jpgThis sentence starter, seemingly a habit for some, opens the door for all content after it to be put in question. Also, it makes what should be known sound self-serving, even if it has no relation to the subject.

For instance: “I’m not gonna lie, that bear could eat a Mini Cooper.”

Outlandish as that example is, I’m just not sure why you’d need to start out with that saying. Unless you’re a terrible liar, or a starting politician. Or something.

Let “I’m Not Gonna Lie” Die

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