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Your Hyping of Your Hype

I know that the Big Game or Small Game or Medium-Sized Game or Inconsequential Game or What Game? or whatever you’d like to refer to it as has already come and gone, but I would like to now voice a niggling complaint that I had prior to it.

It is not this: I derive enjoyment from Super Bowl commercials.

It is this: I do not derive enjoyment from what are essentially previews of these Super Bowl commercials.

A thirty-second spot of a product offering DOES NOT WARRANT a teaser! Not only is this (extra) commercial widely proliferated, it tells nothing of the product! It is advertising… an advertisement.

And just when I’d thought we’d scraped the bottom, it turns out there’s another barrel entirely.

Your Hyping of Your Hype Needs To Die

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Your Cries for Information not Concerning You

I’d like to remind the populace that when you overhear a conversation and feel the need to implant yourself in it by asking the talker to repeat what was last stated, stop for a moment. If you are reasonably sure you heard correctly, ask anyway, like a sane person. If you have misheard, that’s fine, let it drop. However, if the person decides not to tell you what was said, do not pester further. You will become an annoyance, usually for no reason. There’s a purpose for that conversation not having been directly aimed at you in the first place, it most likely doesn’t involve you. And even if it did, how much weight do you put on other people’s gossip? It would more likely hurt you than help you. Don’t be verbally nosy… or I’ll attempt to remove your nose, verbally. That probably involves a lot of screaming.

Your Cries for Information not Concerning You Need To Die.

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Your Glibness, Used To Interrupt Someone

All I’m trying to get across is-yeah I got it.

No, you don’t, if you did you would be listening to the point I’m trying to mak-uh-huh.

Just listen a min-yeah.

DON’T TALK OV-Whatever, chillax.


Your Glibness, Used To Interrupt Someone, Needs To-right.

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Your Weird Cleaning Habits

Because I’m fairly certain that the inside of every individual vacuum-sealed bag doesn’t need dusted.

Your Weird Cleaning Habits Need To Die

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Your Obsession With Gaming

Today, something of a stirring event occurred.

Some might say a cataclysmic event, even.

I want you to remember that it is NOT important what level you achieve, what dailies you need to do, or what your rank is. The most important part of the game is you, the player. Take care of your physical self. Have fun in moderation. The permeation of all-the-time gratification in our society should deeply disturb us all. You need to consider things around you, not just a game.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been away from Bejeweled 3 for about 10 minutes now AND I’M GOING STARK RAVING INSANE!

Your Obsession With Gaming Needs To Die.

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Your Reliance on and Overuse of a Single Word

I’m not sure if you wake up in the morning and this just happens, but you stupidly decide to use a stupid word a stupid number of times in your daily conversations and publications. Stupid as though you may be, this stupidity of a choice doesn’t even compare to how stupid you sound when people have to hear your stupid rambling. It’s a completely different level of stupid. You sound stupid, you begin to feel stupid, and you try and drop the whole stupid idea. But this is difficult. You have suddenly and stupidly become attached to the whole stupid mess. You could turn it into an idiosyncrasy, or at least a stupid-sounding catchphrase. The inability to stop this just shows the depth of your ridiculous stupidity.

Your Reliance on and Overuse of a Single Word Needs To Die, Stupid.

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Your Ruthlessness For a Discount

Because people shouldn’t have to die for slightly lower-priced mass-manufactured goods. You shouldn’t throw your morality aside so that you can act like a hungry scavenging animal. This annual problem is sickening. You’re a human being, and so is the person beside you. Respect each other.

Your Ruthlessness For a Discount Needs To Die

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